Polycarbonate Advertsing Sheet

PC advertising panel has the excellence of high impact strength, bear the high temperature and aging, simply installation, which the traditional advertising panel(PMMA) does not have. PC advertising panel can keep the color and luster frest. and has the better weather resistance

Product Specification

Thickness(mm) Standard Width(mm) Standard Length(mm) Specific Gravity Standard Colors


4mm>=no limited


clear, Opal, Black, Red, Yellow

Technical Data of PC sold sheet

NO. Characteristics Unit Data
1 Impact Strength J/m 850
2 Light Transmission % 88*1
3 Specific Gravity g/cm2 1.2
4 Coefficient of Thermal Expansion mm/m C 0.065
5 Service Temperature C -40-+120
6 Heat Conductivity w/m2°C 2.3-3.9
7 Tensile Strength N/mm' >60
8 Flexural Strength N/mrn2 100
9 Modulus of Elasticity Mpa 2400
10 Tensile Stress at Braek Mpa >65
11 Elongation at Braek % 100
12 Specific Heat KJ/KGK 1.17
13 Heat Deflection Temperature °C 140
14 Effect of Soundproof dB -29*2

3mm PC solid sheet test result, the light transmission will be 89%-50% when the thickness is 2mm-20mm 6mm PC solid sheet test result

Project Exemplification

•Advertising light panel
• Shop sign, Outdoor billboard
• LCD optical panels

advertising polycarbonate sheet advertising polycarbonate sheet


Combining with LED light can get the effect of color change
Very high impact strength
Certified by ISO9001:2000