Polycarbonate Corrugated Sheets

Polycarbonate Corrugated Sheets has the excellent scratch resistant effect, it’s the ideal upgrading products for the transparent part of the soundbarrier, even used in automobile industry , electron industry, building glass, skylights, counter of the bank, shower room, furniture, machine accessories, plating mirror, sign board printing, veifl, mould crust, etc.

Even vigorously rubbing SAPPHIRE with steel wool hardly makes an impression on this tough material. SAPPHIRE gives you safety, durability, and excellent transparency all in one.

Pencil hardness

  Hardcoated Non-hardcoated

Product Specification

Thickness(mm) Standard Width(mm) Standard Length(mm) Specific Gravity Standard Colors
0.8-3.0 915-1220 max.lenght 1830-6100 1.2 Clear, blue, glass, color, brown, smoke

-For large orders color and size can be custom made

• Soundbarrier, wind barrier
• Automobile industry
• Building glass
• Skylights
• Counter of bank
• Shower room furniture
• Electron industry
• Machine accessories
• Veil
• Mould crust
• Transparent covers for gas

corrugated sheets corrugated sheets corrugated sheets corrugated sheets corrugated sheets


Anti-scratch Effect
Easier to clean
Wide service temperature
Certified by ISO9001:2000