Polycarbonate Diamond Sheets

With high impact strength PC embossed sheet, may provide UV protection on one side or both sides, widely used in constructions and decorations.

Min. Bend Radius
Thickness(mm) Min. Bend Radius(mm)
2 300
3 450
4 600
5 750
6 900
8 1200

PC embossed sheet with the thickness of below 6mm, can be cold bending, the smallest bending radius is 150 times than the sheet thickness. Above 6mm thickness, the sheets need hotly curved

Product Specification

Thickness(mm) Standard Width(mm) Standard Length(mm) Specific Gravity Standard Colors




clear, Green-blue, blue, green, brown,

upto 10

-For large orders color and size can be custom made

Project Exemplification

• Bathroom
• Upholster, Lightning,
• Indoor partition, Folding screen
• Sunshade, Ceiling

polycarbonate diamond sheet polycarbonate diamond sheetpolycarbonate diamond sheet polycarbonate diamond sheet


Warp effect
Good weather resistance and UV protection
Light weight
Certified by ISO9001:2000