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Greca Profile Polycarbonate Sheet


Greca corrugated polycarbonate is taking the roofing material market by storm. Due to its unique combination of quality, weight, and rigidity, while maintaining impact resistance, clarity, versatility, and weather resistance, it has quickly become known as the material of choice for every size roofing project. Greca corrugated polycarbonate contains UV inhibitors, which prevent degradation and yellowing of the material. This also helps crops growing underneath the sheet by protecting them from the harmful rays of the sun. The manufacturer’s warranty on all greca corrugated polycarbonate material is 10 years against yellowing, and 5 years against hail damage.

Condensation Control: All greca corrugated polycarbonate panels are treated with a factory applied condensation control, which causes water to spread into a thin sheet rather than form into droplets. This built-in condensation control eliminates condensation, while retaining its high level of transparency.

Greca corrugated polycarbonate sheets use foam closure strips to support the material and ensure a secure installation. The most common applications for polycarbonate greca are roofing material, sidelights, skylights, greenhouses, garden sheds, pool & patio covers, canopies, walkway covers, carports, sunrooms, vertical partitions & dividers, fencing, various roofing applications, and more.


• Soundbarrier, wind barrier
• Automobile industry
• Building glass
• Skylights
• Counter of bank
• Shower room furniture
• Electron industry
• Machine accessories
• Veil
• Mould crust
• Transparent covers for gas

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