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Polycarbonate Window Shelter and Awnings


Made up of the high-strength engineering plastic bracket and the anti weathering PC sheet, “SAPPHIRE” PC sheet combination window shed gives a solution for daylight and keep off the rain at tha same time

Made up of the high-strength engineering plastic, combined with the UV absorbent, the antioxident and the modifier, the bracket takes shape by means of one-off injection modling with large molding machines.

Made up of the bracet, the PC sheet, the aluminium alloy front batten, the aluminium allot rear batten and the EPDM sealing car, the combination window shed is strong enough to withstand a weight up to 50 kg.

The PC sheet is made of the most universal enginering plastic PC. There is an anti UV-layer on one side of the panel to prevent the harmful UV rays from going through the human body and to make it with anti-weathering. At the same time, it is featured by good light transmittance, good shock resistance, light weight, incombustibility, good sound insulation effect, cold bearing and easy.

Specificaiton of the PC sheet combination Wid\ndows shed

Specifications : 600×1000 ,800 X 1200 mm, 1000 X 1200 mm

Bracket color : Silver white, Black

combination shed installation

Cautions :

When installing the aluminium alloy rear batton and the EPDM sealing bar, make sure that the sealing bar is upright before inserting it into the bracket slot, leaning against the wall. ( see the above left drawing correct installation)

Installation procedures :

Unreeling –> Screw hole locating –> Fix one bracket and fasten one bolt on the other bracket –> Installation of the aluminium alloy rear batten and the EPDM lealing bar –> Fully fix the other bracket –> Installation of the PC sheet–> Installation of the aluminium alloy front batten –> fasten the screws of the aluminium alloy front batten –> Sealit with the neutral glass cement

Selection of PC sheet :

3.0 mm -6.00mm PC 3D solid sheet
3.0 mm -6.00mm stereo PC 3D solid sheet
3.0 mm -6.00mm striped PC 3D solid sheet, 6mm

PC multiwall sheet

Sheet dimension : 590 X 990, 755 X 1190, 955 X 1190mm,

Sheet colour : Transparent / Blue/ Green/Brown


600 X 1000, 800 X 1200 mm , 1000X 1200mm

Project Exemplification

• Buliding/house skylights
• Workshop/storehouse skylights
• Gymnasiums skylights
• Walkways/Carports
• Natatorium coverings
• Indoor partition

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