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Solid Compact Polycarbonate Sheet


Product description:

These are solid polycarbonate sheets which are available in clear and tinted variants.

These sheets are generally chosen for applications where vision through the glazing medium is necessary.

These sheets are available in a range of thicknesses from 1.3mm to 8mm.

Our sheets are made from high quality raw materials which offer maximum levels of glazing performance and thus can be used in places where transparency along with tailor made light transmission is of vital importance.

Salient Features:


1. An excellent flammability rating and suitable for use in areas prone to fire
2. Can withstand extreme climatic conditions. They remain virtually unchanged between temperatures from -40 to 120oC
3. Possess exceptional impact resistance and are virtually unbreakable
4. There transparency can be compared to glass and can transmit light upto 90%.
5. Rainbow Solid sheets are completely UV protected and thus cut of 99.9% of harmful UV radiations.
6. They are light in weight and thus easy to store, handle and install.
7. These can be cold curved in both directions and thus can be installed over curved roofs
8. Available in variety of colours such as Clear, Bronze, Blue, Green, Opal White.
9. They have excellent sound insulation properties. The acoustic insulation coefficient increases with the thickness of the sheet.
10. Easy to ransport and install.
11. Can be curved along top edges and thus can be given any desired profile.


1. Manufacturing of safety security equipments such as Helmets screen, Baton and Riot shield

2. Manufacturing of sound screens with large glazing panels

3. Commercial, residential and other construction

4. Interior partitions

5. Outdoor signage boards

6. Sport stadium skylight

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