Polycarbonate Soundproof Sheet

The PC Soundproof Sheet is used in specially the path, the highway, the track transportation, the railroad, the residential district and so on, which needs the sound-insulated plate, it has the better sound-insulated effect, bears the aging, and better impact strength compared with the ordinary board. . It has the better security performance, can effectively prevent the accident with is caused by the automobile and other factor hits the barrier and causes the barrier fall off. Using the curving characteristic at the normal temperature, designs the more perfect sound barrier. Can provide 10-year guarantee.

Effect of soundproof
Thickness(mm) Soundproof Index(dB)
4 27
5 28
6 29
8 31
9.5 32
12 34
Min. Bend Radius
Thickness(mm) Min. Bend Radius(mm)
3 450
4 600
5 750
6 900
8 1200

Product Specification

Thickness(mm) Standard Width(mm) Standard Length(mm) Specific Gravity Standard Colors


600 to no limit


clear, Green-blue, blue, green, brown


-For large orders color and size can be custom made

Project Exemplification

• Soundbarrier for highway, railroad
• Soundproof for residential district

Soundproof Polycarbonate Sheet      Soundproof Polycarbonate Sheet     Soundproof Polycarbonate Sheet

Soundproof Polycarbonate Sheet Soundproof Polycarbonate Sheet

Soundproof Polycarbonate Sheet